Monday, April 28, 2008

on the bus

Some days everyone on the bus looks like this.


This is a character concept based on the goddess Kali for the graphic novel I'm working on.  It's a refinement of the photoshop style studies I've been working on so far this year.  I'm interested in ways to marry representational form with graphic pattern motifs.  This means I geek out on a lot on Klimt paintings.  The subject matter, a goddess, lends itself well to this since there's so much in Buddhist and Hindu art to draw on for inspiration.  

"Ladies of Dolores"

Sunburns aside, this was a seriously beautiful day at Dolores Park SF.  Some would even say "Dolorious!" You know who you are.  Thank god I have paintagenic friends or I wouldn't have gotten my work done that weekend.  Oh, and Nina, remember, you are not a giant, you are in the foreground. :)